The land and sea that made us

This first collection was created as an ode to the land and the sea, to our values as human beings and our connection with mother earth.

From the harvesting of wheat is born a love of the land, from perilous seas we catch our fish and from our family and friends comes the essence of love.

To tell a little of the history of the Portuguese people, I was fortunate enough to acquire the beautiful photographs of Artur Pastor, who lived almost all his life in association with photography although being an engineer by profession. Through his eye, we can live again those moments lost in time, those innocent and memorable moments of a simple but rich life.

I created these tea towels as works of art.  A  black seam creates a frame for the photograph and text. With each Portuguese word, you will find a poetic definition that speaks of the emotion and atmosphere awakened in the image. You can choose to use them as regular tea towels or hang them on your walls as pieces of art. In either case, you will be surrounded by their beauty.

I hope you feel the same love and nostalgia as I did when I had the great pleasure in bringing them to life.

Fé tea towel Photography by Artur Pastor

 Terra tea towel Photography by Artur Pastor

Família tea towel Photography by Artur Pastor

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