Malga collection

This collection is the result of an exciting collaboration between 
Teresa Branco and Luz Editions.
Each malga conveys values and tradition of the Portuguese lifestyle we share.


Inspired by our traditional Portuguese bowl, Teresa Branco created two magnificent pieces of ceramic for the everyday. 

"The choice of white stoneware with black engobe and black stoneware with white engobe is like day and night, it's a yin and a yang, like the small and the big. It's like this country, small and peripheral, entering the high seas, immense and global.

The bowls are the symbol of a people. An object that, in addition to reserving food, also heats up between the hands that hold it. They are memories of a childhood in a village in Portugal."
Teresa Branco
(you can read more about her work here)

Malga collection

The beauty of these malgas resides in the making. Being inspired by the tradition of raku, an ancestral enamelling technique developed in Japan from 1580, Teresa wanted to recall our link with the History of Japan. 

The period of the Nanban trade began with the arrival of Portuguese explorers in Japan in 1543. From that point on, an exchange of culture and know-how took place between these two countries.

Raku is mainly related to the conception of bowls for the tea ceremony. By reinterpreting the bowls 
with a similar appearance, Teresa wanted to celebrate the importance of a simple object like the malga in our daily life, in the past of our ancestors and nowadays, everywhere.

Malga collection
No doubt that these malgas, fruit of a history but also of fine and refined work, will find their place on one of your shelves. 
The bowls exist in two colours: black and white and are made to order. Allow four weeks for the making.
Because each object we create is unique and because succumbing to its beauty will only make you love it infinitely more
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