Cecile Mestelan x Luz Editions
Luz Editions is proud to introduce you to their first collection made in collaboration with Cécile Mestelan, a french artist living and creating in Lisbon.

Cécile Mestelan is an artist working in ceramics. Each of her pieces is honestly thought out to convey an experience rather than an object and represent an incredibly personal process.

Luz Editions asked her to imagine an elegant, colourful tableware based on their values and on the "inspiring words" of the brand to bring happiness to your home. 
Cécile Mestelan
"I'm not a factory. I'm a local maker making small batches and limited edition pieces. If made to order, it will take me approximately 4 to 6 weeks to produce your dreamy plates. Irregularities in size, glaze and texture are nothing more than birthmarks of the process. These imperfections should be embraced as they make your ceramic pieces uniquely yours"
Cécile Mestelan

The collection is made up of 4 stoneware plates of 19 cm. Each plate is illustrated with a word or a phrase:
Yellow: Haja Alegria
Collection Cécile Mestelan x Luz Editions
These pieces have been designed to accompany you in your daily life by bringing a touch of color and optimism to your table. They are a limited edition of 30 pieces each. Pre-order now before it's too late!

We hope they will bring you hope and satisfaction on a daily basis.
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To know more about Cécile Mestelan read her interview here.