The name Luz means light and -in this precise case- highlights Portuguese heritage and know-how. Because Portugal is still rooted in its tradition but is currently experiencing strong changes, it is necessary to remember its history, to value its simplicity and to embrace it.

Luz is made up of stories:
the stories of a people, the stories of a country, the stories of life.
Each piece we create invites you to travel in the traditions and know-how of Portuguese craftsmanship. Each piece is the result of a perpetual research that we do and that we want to transmit to those who love unique objects that tell a story, an imperfection, an emotion generated by the human hand.

The desire to create small, limited collections is dictated by the human side of handmade and rarity. Each collection will have a specific theme and will be limited in quantities. They will not be reissued.




• Support Portuguese craftsmanship and know-how.

• Believe in a fair price for fair work because quality has a value.

• Acknowledge that strong but beautiful pieces will last longer and will continue to tell their stories over the years if you invest sentimental value in their purchase.

• Buy less but buy well, to last.





Each project is intended to be a transmission and seeks respect for the ecosystem. It is a journey in tradition, in craftsmanship, in sustainability.

For instance, our linen is not "stone-washed". Indeed, this washing process involves the use of high-dose chemicals, such as chlorine, which can be harmful to the environment and factory workers. The purpose of this process is to give the fabric the softness that occurs naturally after a few washes.
Because we do not use this washing process, our linen is still pure and you will have to "break" it to make it softer, which means that you will simply have to wash it several times to speed up the process of softening the fabric.

pure linen not stone washed



Because we value quality and small-scale production, we value craftsmen to produce each of our pieces.

  • The tea towels are thus manufactured by a small sewing workshop and the photographs are then screen printed in a specialized workshop. Each tea towel is hand-printed one by one, using environmentally friendly water-based inks, all in Portugal.
  • The ceramics are and always will be produced by a ceramist or oleiro.
  • The knives are from a third generation of family workshop in the north of the country.

Our goal is to seek craftsmen who inspire us with their technique to work in collaboration with them on new creations. The interaction that arises between us is the soul of Luz.