Care Instructions

Our products are hand made by craftsmen with care. We hope that they may last at least a lifetime if properly looked after. Please follow these care instructions to maintain your home goods and feel free to get in touch should you need advice.


1. Our wall hanging / Tea towel
Made from European Linen. Screen printed with water based ink.

General Care
Unfold your linen completely before washing. Do not overload the machine. Wash your linen at max. 40°C. Use a mild soap. Never use bleach.
If spin dried we recommend the spinning with the maximum speed of 800rpm. For preference, line-dry and let fresh air, wind and sunshine do their work!
Drying in tumble dryer is not recommended for linen, even more with screen printing. Heat damages the fibers and is conducive to excessive shrinking.
Our tea towel collection do not require ironing. 

2. Our Portuguese traditional knife

General care
Hand wash and avoid the dishwasher to keep the blade sharp.

3. Our stoneware plate
Stoneware with colour, transparent glaze.

General care
– Stoneware is dishwasher safe
– Can handle heat up to 200 °C