"I want to create a collection of pieces whose storytelling is rooted in my origins."

I was born in France to Portuguese parents. My heart belongs to both cultures.

I owe my education to France. My curiosity, my taste, my art de vivre and bonnes manières. Paris has always fascinated me with its majesty and its historical richness. 

At school, I found a real passion for literature and arts, which led me to the world of luxury and beauty where I worked for brands such as Lanvin, Giorgio Armani, Viktor & Rolf, Yves Saint Laurent... The sense of perfection, the power of imagination and a certain prestige have always inspired me.

However, September 11 changed my vision of the world and especially my expectations. I felt the urge to take a break, in order to think about my future. I flew to Lisbon although I didn't know anyone there. But I knew what Portugal had to offer.  

Since my first birthday, I've been traveling there every summer to spend time with my family and learn about the culture of this other motherland of mine. At first it was a requirement of my parents who believe that roots are essential. I soon fell in love with this other country. Life in Portugal was so different from Paris, but what stroke me most was the people: human, humble and authentic.

Between the countryside where my grandparents were farmers, and Nazaré, the fishing village where I discovered the sea, it was a golden period made of simple and real happiness. The freedom to be a child who frolics unsupervised, collecting fruits and playing barefoot. Those memories obviously made me go to Lisbon. I found there this taste of freedom and especially a peaceful way of being. That’s where I started my new life as a photographer.


In 2014, I initiated a blog about the locals and their stories: www.lisbonbylight.com but at some point, I felt that it was not enough. I wanted to show more of this country and the people.

Discovering the magnificent vintage photographs of Portugal inspired me to create Luz Editions. I could have used mine but I wanted to share the Portuguese past in which I retrieved a bit of my childhood.

Starting with printed tea towels seemed natural to me. Love and friendship are essentially lived around a table here. So what could be more normal than imagining this essential piece of fabric in a kitchen to transmit our history.

Sejam bem-vindos!


Paula Franco Founder