The Porcelain Candles Collection

An olfactory sensory experience combined with the elegance of porcelain. Refills to come.

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The barro negro candles collection

A collection born from values close to our hearts: health, transmission and authenticity.

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Vegan candle

The tea towels collection

Born from nostalgia, made for enchanting the life!
Discover our tea towels/wall art collection inspired by the past and the life.

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The icons collection

Decorate your table or your walls with a little humour and joy with this Portuguese icons collection.

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The pendant lights collection

Timeless pendant lights inspired by vintage ones, with a contemporary interpretation. Handmade in ceramic or porcelain.

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Pendant light Viana in porcelain by Luz Editions
Paula Franco founder of the brand Luz Editions

Paula Franco, founder of Luz Editions

Luz Editions is an inspiration from the past combined with a rehabilitation for the future. Each creation is a journey into tradition, craftsmanship and sustainability.
The name Luz highlights this Portuguese heritage.
Because Portugal is still anchored in its tradition, but is currently experiencing strong changes, it is necessary to remember its history, value its simplicity and embrace it. Each piece is unique and tells its story, its imperfection, its emotion generated by the craftsman's hand.

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Living the Luz

Our pieces at your home

Beja pendant light in white craquelé earthenware by Luz Editions

Living the Luz

Our tea towels at Maison Particulière, in France

Luz Editions tea towels with vintage photographs from Artur Pastor in Portugal

Living the Luz

Tomar pendant-light in a kitchen in Lisbon, Portugal

Tomar green bottle pendant light hand made in earthenware by Luz Editions

Living the Luz

Serpa pendant light in a house in Olhão, Portugal

Serpa porcelain pendant light in white colour by Luz Editions

Congratulations for the strength that the project has in the roots of our country.

Monia Palma - Slow Lifestyle

The products are extremely sophisticated... This rescue of traditions and roots is so important! Portugal is beautiful and I feel at home with these beautiful cloths!

Fernanda L.

I read the History section of your brand and it touched me. I've always had strong roots in Portugal and especially in my Grandparents' village. And my mother's name is Luz!

Sofia V.