A Casa Portuguesa de Lisette, Lisboa

Interview A Casa Portuguesa de Lisette para Luz Editions

Lisette is a lover of Portugal who communicates her passion daily on her Instagram.
This is where she introduces us to traditions, places and also her fascination for the world of vintage. Creative and very manual, she gives new life to old objects, sharing her talent on social networks.

Her curiosity leads Lisette to places like the Feira da Ladra where she finds vintage bric-a-brac and turn into art.

1 — What's your favorite corner of your home, and why?
"It's the living room, because it has a lot of light, the sofa, the blankets, it's cozy."

2 — Is there anything precious you keep for its meaning?
"I have many. But two things I keep are my record player and my old radio, because they are things I recently acquired with stories I don't really know, they tell stories I didn't live. I'm aware that they bring many stories with them that I can't even imagine, and that's why I really like them."

Interview A Casa Portuguesa de Lisette para Luz Editions

3 — Any favorite book?
"My favorite book is by Gabriel García Márquez, O Amor no Tempo de Cólera (Love in the Time of Cholera), a novel about two people who don't allow themselves to be loved, they live their lives and when the husband dies there's a return to the past."

4 — What about your favorite place to eat?
"A space that I really like in Lisbon for its aesthetics and ambience is Teatro da Garagem, it has a peaceful view, you can spend the afternoon reading books and working. And there's another place that I like for the food, it's Cervejaria Gazela, in Porto. I discovered it by chance when I went there to eat francesinha (a typical Portuguese dish based of bread, cheese, spiced tomato and sausage), I only found out later that it was the specialty there! I really liked!"

Interview A Casa Portuguesa de Lisette para Luz EditionsTEATRO DA GARAGEM, LISBOA

5 — If you could live in any other part of the country, where would it be, and why?
"Another part of the country… I would say Douro, anywhere in that area, because the landscape is beautiful beautiful beautiful, incredible, majestic! Douro right there in the middle of those vineyards and the way of life of the people that I really like, the different pronunciation of Portuguese, the values, a very nice way of being."

6 — Any favorite Portuguese song?
"Pica do 7, by António Zambujo. It's not the best of the songs, but it stays in the ear. I like the rhythm."

7 — If you had to offer a Luz Editions product to someone, what would it be and why?
"So many of them! First, the tea towel, because it's a very simple thing, the images and words are very strong, it's a memory of a daily life that once existed. I really like this contrast, when I discovered Luz Editions, it was what stood out to me the most. I also like the candles, for its technique, its smell, looking at the object and being beautiful, in addition to being useful. And finally, the lamps that have a very nice Portuguese deco feeling, they have something unusual that you don't usually see, an object that everyone can have in their home."

Interview A Casa Portuguesa de Lisette para Luz Editions
Vela em barro negro
Interview A Casa Portuguesa de Lisette para Luz Editions

8 — And finally, a word to define your home.
"Warm. Because of my sofa where we want to sit by the chimney, the long table where we like to talk, a little balcony that has a funny view of the sunset. A house that has become welcoming over the years."

Interview A Casa Portuguesa de Lisette para Luz Editions

 Thank you for inspiring us Lisette.

Follow her work on Instagram: @lisettecreuxquette.
Buy Lisette's favorite Luz products: tea towelscandles and pendant lights.
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