Luz In The World: Alma Bordeaux

Luz In The World: Alma Bordeaux

Luz Editions talks about stories, talks about people, talks about our humanity and the beauty of what surrounds us every day.
Since the beginning, Luz Editions has sought to rally this feeling of return home and identity that we create at home and for us. Come with us to discover the places where you can find us.

1. Tell us about Alma:

In May 2018, ALMA opened its doors in a warm and authentic Portuguese atmosphere at 59 quai de Bacalan in Bordeaux. 

It is a kind of concept store where we wish to excite the taste buds and pupils of Bordeaux residents and wanderers who stop there to eat « à moda portuguesa » and to find a decorative objects made by Portuguese artisans.

Alma Bordeaux

2. And what about its story?

Alma is the result of the wanderings of 2 sisters of Lusitanian blood and heart, lulled throughout their childhood by the ‘saudade’ of Portugal.

Alma Bordeaux
Then one day, with audacity and sagacity, they decided to take the plunge and create this concept store by showcasing products from local producers and emblematic objects from crafts (tableware, ceramics…).

3. What products from Luz Editions products do you sell?

The tea towels/linen hangings are very popular as are the engraved knives.

Alma Bordeaux

4. What are the most common comments from your customers about our brand?

Sublime, with high quality.

5. Which Luz Editions products are most appreciated by your customers?

The linens because of their quality, the message, the photos...

Tea towels collection

6. What products would you like Luz Editions to develop in the future?

Continue to produce the wall hangings with the photos and the candles!

Thank you for this collaboration, Alma!

To many more like this one!

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