Illustration around photography by Louise Lacour

Illustration around photography by Louise Lacour

Illustrations luz editions louise lacour

Since the beginning of Luz Editions, I have been working with Louise Lacour, graphic designer and illustrator.
Working together led to the visual identity of Luz and the layouts of our wonderful tea towels.

Knowing that Louise is also an illustrator, I asked her to work around the idea of "reverie" for our last collection of decorative cushions. Now that the moment has come to unveil the collection, she shares with us her creative process.

Can you introduce yourself?

I’m a French freelance graphic designer based in Lisbon.
I work with a pretty wide range of clients and the projects are very varied. I can be working on tea packaging one day and an animated GIF for a renovation company the next one.
For some time now, I have been focusing more intensely on my own personal and artistic development.

What sparked the idea for the "From poetry to reverie" collaboration?

For our second collaboration I wanted something different and more personal but there were some restrictions regarding the photo that could not be modified or retouched.
I had previously worked on a photo book with a line that emphasized the horizon of the landscapes and slowly it became the starting point for this cushion project.

Photos are fragments of memory. They come to stand on our timeline and sometimes awaken memories that go beyond the frame. It's often a bit blurry. Here each drawing highlights the main lines of the image and proposes to extend them into an imaginary and poetic interpretation of the scene.

What story do you imagine behind each of these photograph?

The "Paz" cushion is a symbol of calm and serenity. I imagine a boat trip between a father and his son, the kind of suspended moment that is both banal and important.
The "Vida" cushion represents innocence and joy of life. The little girl is focused and is trying to reach her brother who is waiting for her a little further on the other side of the river.
The "Alma" cushion is the soul of Portugal. For me it is really the perfect old representation of the Portuguese woman waiting for her sailor husband on a shadowless beach.

What were the challenges you had to encounter to complete this work?

They were all challenging because on the 3 cushions I had to represent water with a few lines each time in a different way. The big challenge was also to take into account the volume of the cushion in the design.

illustration luz editions louise lacour

Since I became a mother I am like my kid, I want to try all kinds of artistic activities.
Over the last few months I have done a Kintsugi workshop, an embroidery and an Animate course. Now I'm about to start a linocut course for a special print project. I love being a jack of all trades and think about how to use all these techniques through personal and commissioned works.
I really enjoy creative activities that have a meditative dimension and I would like to give more space to that.

If you had to choose between the 3 models your favorite, what would it be? And why?

I think my favorite is "Alma". The combination of the photo and the illustration is perfectly balanced.
I can't wait to find out which cushion is the most popular !

Discover Louise's work at :
Instagram : louizestudio

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