Zé e Maria x Luz Editions : a collaboration for the love of Olhão

Zé e Maria x Luz Editions : a collaboration for the love of Olhão

Time to time, it happens in our lives, that we feel lucky to meet people with whom we have an affinity by their human side or by a vision and an understanding in unison. And it is this feeling that I felt from the first meeting with Olivier and Stéphane.

Zé e Maria is undoubtedly the prettiest decoration shop in the Algarve. Located in Olhão and run by Olivier and Stéphane, it reflects a certain image of French taste combined with the Mediterranean atmosphere.
Since the launch of Luz Editions, they have been fervently passionate about my creations and especially my decorative linen.

That's the reason why they contacted me to suggest a collaboration on the theme of their city, Olhão. By chance, this former small fishing village, which became an economic hub in the 1980s, has often been photographed by Artur Pastor. Once the initial idea was defined, we began our research and discussed the design of these 3 new creations.

Zé e Maria interior decoration shop Olhão Algarve Portugal

Hello Stéphane, Hello Olivier, first of all when did you start thinking about this collaboration and how did you come up with the idea?

Since we discovered Luz editions's linens and the photos of Artur Pastor interpreted by the screen printing work of Paula, we immediately had the click and the idea came to us. Why not create a collection on Olhao, a city that tells its story, a city of mysteries?

What was for you the most pleasant part of this creative process and the most difficult part?

The most enjoyable part was immersing ourselves in Artur Pastor's photos, discovering the city from his point of view and selecting 3 of them.
The hardest part was writing a story that tells the image and its soul. But Paula's talent was there for this part.

In your opinion, which of these three linens represents the soul of Olhão the most and why?

Uma Vida Portuguesa linen totally reflects the spirit of the city. What strikes us is that even today we can discover this same image on a street corner 60 years later.

Collection Olhão linen
Which one is your favourite?

Without any hesitation even if we love all three, our favorite is Uma Vida Portuguesa.

You have been living in Olhão for 4 years, why this city in the Algarve? Why the south when so many French people choose to settle in Lisbon or Porto?

It's simply love at first sight, which cannot be explained, it's the authenticity of Portugal on edge which is felt every morning when we leave for work, it's the sea, it's the islands and this sometimes offbeat atmosphere that makes us think that time has stopped and is eternal.

Collab Luz Editions x Zé e Maria Olhão Algarve Portugal
What defines Olhão for you?

Simply the words and atmosphere of Uma vida Portuguesa:
"In the wait. In the shade. In the corner. Days that pass under the sun that burns a skin already kissed by the wind and the land. Moments where nooks are playgrounds. Walls as white as the salt of the sea. This is how every day begins in our street".

How did you come up with the idea of ​​a decoration shop and how do you select your brands and your products?

Passionate about decoration, architecture and heritage, it was obvious in this change of life, to create something that resembled us. Being Franco-Portugueses, the main thing for us was to merge the two cultures, to favor local productions, Portuguese know-how.
We therefore sought out these small brands, talented creators to built a space combining modernity and tradition, combining French and Portuguese brands.
Zé e Maria interior decoration shop Olhão Algarve Portugal
Apart from this collaboration, which Luz Editions creations are your favorites?
Without a doubt, the 100% vegetable candles in black clay (barro negro) created by Paula are just exceptional and also tell a story.

Thank you Olivier and Stéphane

Loja Zé e Maria Luz Editions products

Olhão collection x3 original pieces: Uma Vida Portuguesa / Olhão Cidade Cubista / Mar do Sul
Only on sale in the Zé e Maria boutique or on our website

Zé e Maria boutique
R. da Soledade 6, 8700-400 Olhão
Algarve, Portugal
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