Luz in Portugal: A Vida Portuguesa

A Vida Portuguesa in Chiado selling Luz Editions

In a world of objects, each carries extraordinary and revealing stories—tales of a people with peculiar tastes, a society embedded in its context, and a narrative intertwined with a common identity.

A Vida Portuguesa emerged with the mission to catalog enduring brands, rekindle the quality of Portuguese handmade production, and unveil Portugal in a surprising light.

1. Tell us about A Vida Portuguesa:

'A Vida Portuguesa — initially emerged as Uma Casa Portuguesa, with the name being changed shortly thereafter, as it was considered that the initial name evoked a certain nostalgia for times when poverty and simplicity were romanticized. The intention was for the brand to focus more on memory and identity, but in a positive and forward-looking manner, hence the new name A Vida Portuguesa — more comprehensive and inclusive. Currently, we have 3 stores in Lisbon: Chiado, Intendente, and Mercado da Ribeira'.

A Vida Portuguesa for Luz Editions
@avidaportuguesa, ©PedroSadio

2. And what about its story?

'A Vida Portuguesa was born out of an investigation by journalist Catarina Portas into old Portuguese products: those we have known for several decades, those that have retained their original packaging or still draw inspiration from it, and those that are still manufactured with a significant dose of craftsmanship'.

A Vida Portuguesa for Luz Editions
@avidaportuguesa, ©PedroSadio

'From the beginning, we have developed partnerships with various old Portuguese brands to create exclusive AVP (A Vida Portuguesa) products: soaps from Ach. Brito and Confiança, swallows from Bordalo Pinheiro, pencils from Viarco, notebooks from Emílio Braga, and Serrote. This is our most interesting and ambitious initiative, involving research, creation, development, launch, and promotion of good brands, delightful products, and praise for Portuguese production.

We were born believing that old Portuguese products have a future. The numerous stores throughout the country today, inspired by our concept and rediscovering old Portuguese brands, are proof that we were right. Fortunately, expanding the market and ensuring the survival of these factories has always been our primary objective. However, nowhere else are old products as abundant and beautiful as in the original stores of A Vida Portuguesa'.

A Vida Portuguesa for Luz Editions
@avidaportuguesa, ©PedroSadio

3. What products from Luz Editions products do you sell?

'We got to know the brand through tea towels with printed photographs (which we first saw in the storefront of one of our partners — Companhia Portugueza do Chá). We introduced the item in our stores, and shortly after, the candles followed'.

A Vida Portuguesa for Luz Editions
Tea Towels 'Saudade' & 'Terra', by Luz

'With the opening of Depozito (another store of ours), we maintained our commitment and introduced the special edition candles in partnership with Companhia Portugueza do Chá (available only at Depozito)'.

A Vida Portuguesa for Luz Editions

Black Clay Candles, by Luz

'More recently, we have also invested in a line of ceramic/faiance lamps, exclusively at Depozito, although they are available in our online store'.

4. What are the most common comments from your customers about our brand?

'They praise the quality of the candles and the intensity of the aromas, are fascinated by the photographs on the tea towels, and appreciate the designs and selection of glazes on the lamps'.

A Vida Portuguesa for Luz Editions
Viana Pendant Lights, by Luz

5. Which Luz Editions products are most appreciated by your customers?

We have regular customers for the candles who return because they recognize their quality and the selection/combination of fragrances. The lamps are also quite popular, although sales are slower due to being a higher-priced item. The tea towels are also a sales success, I believe, because of their ease of transport and versatility as an item.

A Vida Portuguesa for Luz Editions
@avidaportuguesa, ©PedroSadio

6. What products would you like Luz Editions to develop in the future?

Perhaps ceramic items within the lines of lamps, but more practical/affordable.

Thank you A Vida Portuguesa for your being such an institution and for our collaboration!

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