Luz Editions invests a new field of expression and imagines a pictorial laboratory on paper based on old photographs of Portugal.

This collection of prints that we share with you is based on images that we love and that touch us. By allying ourselves with illustrators and graphic designers, we give them a second life and create a new, more contemporary story, unlike our textile prints.

Editing high quality prints in limited editions is also our way to make the poetry of great photographers accessible to everyone. The walls can finally be dressed in different images, evoking the Portuguese soul and stand out with a unique imprint.

To initiate this project, we chose the photographs of Artur Pastor and we surrounded ourselves with the know-how and the creativity of Pink Mosaik.

Reinterpreted by the symbols of Portuguese everyday life: azulejos, cobblestones, grids and colors, these prints assert themselves in a twist that gives them new life.

Explore our collection and find the perfect print for your perfect location!

Arty Print Fé
Pink Mosaik Collaboration

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