Barro negro, the story behind our candles

Barro negro, the story behind our candles

In our perpetual exploration of Portuguese craftsmanship, the human connections and the ideas we exchange are the most precious experience since they allow us to imagine pieces with a story.

The black clay (barro negro) is the result of a firing process that finds its origins in an ancestral practice: soenga.

This technique is distinguished by its archaic method, the placement of dishes or pieces in a shallow pit dug in the ground. After being partially covered with pine wood and covered with clods of earth, it was set on fire, leaving it to cook under the watchful eye of the artisan. The characteristic of the black color of the clay is explained by the reducing type of cooking, which consists in suffocating the dishes with earth in the final cooking stage, preventing the entry of oxygen. Due to these processes, the pieces become completely black and waterproofed.

Currently, wood-burning ovens are used, as they are more practical and functional. The quality and plasticity of the clay used stimulated the potter's creativity.

What will define our candles?
This collection was born from two values ​​that are close to our hearts: health and authenticity.


Barro Negro candle collection Luz Editions

Carefully crafted in the north of Portugal, our candles are based on a perfect harmony between a natural soy wax, a pure cotton wick and the finest phthalate-free perfume oils from Grasse.

Each candle is a unique object resulting from the human hand and the firing process. The interest for us to create a piece like this one is to combine the fragrance with a vessel that can continue to live in your home like a decorative object.

In the continuity of our brand codes, the candles are named by the words dear to us and associated with a scent which translates either a memory of life or travel or a vibration.

The Barro Negro candle collection is made of 5 fragrances:

Alegria: Orange blossom
Esperança: Yuzu
Fé: Amber
Saudade: Fig tree
Terra: Patchouli


Barro Negro Portuguese know-how for Luz Editions

To celebrate these values, our 5 candles are made with natural essences produced in Grasse, a soy wax and a cotton wick.

What you won't find in our candles:
For the wax, no paraffin.
For the bits, no lead and metals.
For the vessel, no plastic.

At the heart of our compositions, there're notes selected to transport you to a privileged moment, an olfactory journey filled with memories...

Because it is important to take care of your body on a daily basis but also of your home, we hope that our natural candles will transform your daily life into a pleasant and meaningful experience. So that everyday life is never the same.

Candle by Luz Editions

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