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Esperança Scented Candle - Yuzu

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Think of something you crave. A fresh aroma, fast, intense and inspiring. Like the memory of those nights under the stars when you hoped that once, only once, one of them would fall. Those summer loves that you dreamed of and fell asleep with. Cold water on a hot day, wet hair, a crisp white shirt on freckled skin. Lips red from biting plums, hands in hands, drops of honey running down the jar. Bees buzzing. Audacity, courage, beauty, all these feelings perhaps.

Our Esperança candle is a sparkling cocktail of merriment to be consumed without moderation! Inspired by the ancestral lemon that is the yuzu, now also cultivated in the heart of Alentejo, it remains the main note of our candle.

Products details:

Our vessel is made of barro negro which is a white clay blackened by the soenga firing process (read more here). The fire gives the piece its identity and irregularities of colour. The vessel is a beautiful artisanal piece that can be reused as a part of your home decor.

The barro negro is not glazed, for this reason we suggest you always use a plate or other support under the candle when it burns.

Esperança is a 100% natural and eco-friendly candle made in an artisanal jar with a contemporary design. 

Our candles are made with flowers/plants-derived fragrance oils, soy wax, and cotton-core wicks.

No nasties, no impurities, just pure clean fragrance from Grasse, France.
Zero plastic. Handmade packaging. Contemporary design.
Our candles don't generate toxic substances during the combustion.
Mixed and hand-poured in Portugal.


Net Weight: 200 gr / 7.05 oz
Gross Weight: 545g

Burn time: approximatively 40 hours

Candle safety:

When you first burn your candle, burn it until the wax pool reaches the edge of the vessel. This will ensure your candle always burn flat.

Always trim your wick, every time you light your candle. Discontinue burning when you have 1cm or less of wax in your candle.

Always place your candle on a heat resistant surface. Do not leave unattended and keep away from children, curtains and pets.

Do not burn your candle for more than three hours at a time.


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