Nova Vida: Raquel e João, Quinta D'Arminho, Mangualde

Nova Vida: Raquel e João, Quinta D'Arminho, Mangualde

On a peaceful farm, where harmony between plants and animals is a daily reality, there are precious treasures that reveal themselves spontaneously.

In this idyllic setting, nature blossoms in all its glory, happiness is intertwined with serenity and inspiration is a constant echo in the hearts of those who live there.

It is at this Quinta D'Arminho that this beautiful family finds the fullness of life, dedicating themselves to manual tasks that fill the heart with satisfaction and joy. Raquel and João, accompanied by little Teresa, are today immersed in the biggest adventure of their lives.

Together they explore the secrets and wonders that this natural refuge has to offer, celebrating the richness that the simplicity of country life provides.

Quinta D'Arminho By Luz Editions

Esta é uma imagem daquilo que se pode considerar uma abordagem agro florestal, @quintadarminho


1 — How did this idea of ​​countryside and community come about? Tell me about your story...
It's an idea that has been around for a long time, probably unconsciously we already had this desire within us, but when we spent a few years living in Porto the urgency of being close to Nature became more obvious.
Quinta D'Arminho By Luz Editions
Raquel, @quintadarminho
Quinta D'Arminho By Luz Editions
João, @quintadarminho
Quinta D'Arminho By Luz Editions
Teresa, @quintadarminho
2 — What was the reason/objective that led you to where you are today?
We never did anything on our path with a defined goal, we were always, in a very organic way, playing with the pieces we found, and at this moment our life experience is the result of all of this, a combination of will and events. Of course, in the midst of this there has always been a great desire to live with intention and purpose in a life surrounded by nature and a mission to build a world around us.
Quinta D'Arminho By Luz Editions
Campo florido onde tudo cresce / A Teresa adora descascar vagens, @quintadarminho
3 — How would you define the Portuguese lifestyle?
Portuguese living is a universe of dualities, we are happy and sad, spontaneous and programmed, urban and rural, light and heavy, and we manage to live with all of this simultaneously in a balance that is sometimes difficult and always unstable.
Quinta D'Arminho By Luz Editions
4 — And what do you tell me about the future... any projects in sight?
The project for now is this, to make this place the vision we dreamed for it.
Quinta D'Arminho By Luz Editions
Momento único em família, @quintadarminho


To celebrate life in the countryside, there is nothing better than the Terra candle to represent this beautiful way of living as a family, under the stars, under the sun, calmly inhaling the aroma of the land and its treasures.

Candle Terra, By Luz Editions

Thank you for inspiring us, Raquel, João and Teresa.


Photographs courtesy of Quinta d'Arminho

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