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Palavras Bowl

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The Palavras collection embellishes our days with the poetic verses of Portuguese authors.

Words are powerful, they are a connection to yourself and to others around you. 
A way to open a discussion with meaning or share our common love of books and authors.
From breakfast to dinner, the bowl becomes an inspiration and connection to the world of words... a must-have on our tables. 
This one can even be used as a cup for tea.

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Like a book, holding our bowl is a sensory experience.

  • Quotes from our Favourite Portuguese authors

  • Our collection’s strength lies in the beauty of imperfection, the rarity of the unique object.

  • Porcelain invites us to live in a world of simple, elegant and refined beauty.

  • Our handcrafted object carries a heritage of Portuguese know-how.

  • The irregular appearance of this collection is linked to its production, piece by piece made by hand.

Material: White porcelain
Finish : glazed
Dimensions :
Ø13 X H5 cm


Dishwasher and microwave-safe


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