Alegria wall hanging / Tea Towel - Portuguese text

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Alegria means happiness in Portuguese.

Because being happy is also sharing, this image is the essence of joy in simplicity and everyday life.

Alegria é sentir que existe alguém que olhe por nós sem nunca olhar de lado. 
É nome de bolo da avó ao Domingo. É o gosto doce do primeiro beijo. É confidência, carinho, partilha.
É alegoria, e fantasia, é vida, conclusão.

(Joy is feeling that there is someone who looks after us without ever looking sideways.
It's the name of a grandmother's cake on Sunday. It is the sweet taste of the first kiss. It is confidence, affection, sharing.
It is allegory, and fantasy, it is life, conclusion).

This nostalgic wall hanging is full of charm!
You can use it as a classic tea towel or hang it as a wall decoration.

Made of 100% linen and screen printed one-by-one by hand.
Size = 47x70cm

Available in two types of linen (180g / m2):
- the natural, rustic simplicity, designed to give personality to your kitchen.
- the white, with a refined and sophisticated finish, designed to be framed like a work of art.

If you want to use it as a tea towel, we recommend washing it before using it for the first time.

Each piece is unique and natural variations may appear.

Handmade in Portugal in limited edition.

Based on the original art work from Artur Pastor.