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Terra wall hanging / Tea towel - Portuguese text

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Terra means going back to the land that saw us being born, growing and one day leaving.
Terra means going back to the ground, to the origin, the house. Our tea towel is the reminiscence of all the meaning the land has for the man.

Voltar à terra. À terra que nos viu nascer, crescer, e um dia partir.
Voltar à terra. Ao semear, cuidar, colher. Voltar à terra, à origem, a casa.
Voltar, porque a terra é pura memória.

This nostalgic wall hanging is full of charm! You can use it for its purpose or hang it as a wall decoration.

Our tea towels are made in 100% linen.
Size = 47x70cm

They are available in two types of linen:

- the natural one (180 g/m2), with a rustic simplicity, designed to give personality to your kitchen.

- the white one (160 g/m2), with a refined and sophisticated finish, designed to be framed as an art piece. 

If you intend to use it as a tea towel, we recommend that you wash this cloth before using it for the first time.

Each item is unique and natural variations may appear.

Handmade in Portugal in a limited edition.

NB: the tea towel picture is a mockup. The result might slightly be different.


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