Traditional Portuguese Kitchen Knife Pão Nosso

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Born from a family tradition spanning three generations in the North of Portugal, this kitchen knife will become the essential item of all your meals.

Because Portuguese cutlery is work-related, more focused on the functional aspects of everyday life, they are a good option for simple tasks like peeling vegetables or slicing the bread. Nevertheless, it's charming enough to accompany a cheese board or decorate a table!

Luz Editions takes this essential symbol of all Portuguese kitchen and personalizes it with names that define the atmosphere of a Portuguese table: 

Pão Nosso 
has its origins in the Catholic religion.
It has since become an expression that means: 
the daily food needed by everyone for subsistence and
 sharing with others to make sure that the abundance of some can provide for the needs of others.


Wood handled kitchen knife
Hand made in Portugal
The stainless steel blade is 9 cm or 12 cm (please select)