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Traditional Portuguese kitchen knife Tertúlia

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Born from a family tradition spanning three generations in the North of Portugal, this kitchen knife will become the essential item of all your meals.

Because Portuguese cutlery is work-related, more focused on the functional aspects of everyday life, they are a good option for simple tasks like peeling vegetables or slicing the bread. Nevertheless, it's charming enough to accompany a cheese board or decorate a table!

Luz Editions takes this essential symbol of all Portuguese cuisine and personalizes it with names that define the atmosphere of a Portuguese table: 
Portuguese craft products


1. Family reunion
2. Literary reunion
3. Group of friends reunion


Wood handled kitchen knife (birch wood)
Hand made in Portugal
The stainless steel blade is 12 cm or 9 cm (to choose)

History, characteristics and use

The traditional Portuguese knife is an essential kitchen utensil that combines quality, durability and aesthetics. This article invites you to discover the history of this knife, its specific characteristics and the services it provides in your daily life.

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History of the traditional Portuguese knife

The origins of the traditional Portuguese knife date back centuries, when local artisans began making cutting tools for farmers and fishermen. These first knives were simple, but very functional, with a steel blade and a wooden handle. 
Over time, the demand for knives of better quality and more refined design led to improved manufacturing techniques and the creation of more elaborate models. Today, the traditional Portuguese knife is recognised for its excellence and beauty, and is used for both everyday tasks and special occasions.

Characteristics of a traditional Portuguese knife

A good traditional Portuguese knife has several specific characteristics that guarantee its performance and longevity:

  • A stainless or carbon steel blade: These materials offer excellent corrosion resistance and are easy to sharpen.
  • A wooden or horn handle: these natural materials provide a comfortable grip and ensure a good balance between the blade and the handle. Traditional Portuguese knives often feature patterns engraved on their handles, testifying to artisanal know-how.
  • Ergonomic shape: Traditional Portuguese knives generally have a slightly curved shape to make cutting easier and reduce hand fatigue.
  • A locking system: Some models of Portuguese knives feature a locking mechanism that prevents the blade from accidentally closing when extended.

How to choose your traditional Portuguese knife?
To select the traditional Portuguese knife that suits you best, it is important to take into account several criteria:

  • The quality of the blade: opt for good quality stainless or carbon steel to ensure the longevity and performance of the knife. Proper sharpening also ensures precise and efficient cutting.
  • Grip comfort: check that the knife handle feels comfortable in the hand and provides a secure grip even when your hands are wet.
  • Aesthetics: of course, the appearance of a knife is a matter of personal taste, but don't be afraid to compare different models and look for details like the patterns engraved on the handle.

Tips for maintaining and preserving your traditional Portuguese knife

To enjoy your traditional Portuguese knife for a long time, it is essential to maintain it correctly. Here are a few tips :

- Clean it regularly: after each use, wash the knife by hand with a little warm water and dishwashing liquid, then dry it immediately to prevent rust from forming.

- Sharpen the blade: use a whetstone, steel, or electric sharpener to keep the blade sharp and performing well. Regular sharpening also extends the life of the knife.

- Protect the blade: When you are not using the knife, store it in a protective sheath to prevent accidental contact with the blade and preserve its sharpness.

- Follow the manufacturer's recommendations: If your traditional Portuguese knife has a locking system, always handle it with care and follow the applicable instructions.

In summary:

The traditional Portuguese knife, a daily ally.

The traditional Portuguese knife is a versatile and elegant kitchen utensil that demonstrates the country's artisanal know-how. Thanks to its careful design and quality materials, it accompanies you on a daily basis in your culinary preparations while bringing a touch of aesthetics to your table.

Don't hesitate to invest in a durable model to enjoy this masterpiece of Portuguese culinary art for a long time.


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